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Seven13 films is dedicated to providing social messages that spark conversation through the art of filmmaking. With several years of experience in television and film, seven13 films offers comprehensive media strategies designed to drive education, awareness, community outreach and engagement on important public issues. 

Letters of Recognition 

United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney

Lee and Joe at Rider University for their premier of Generation Change


halsey headshot.png

Joseph A. Halsey


Joseph A. Halsey is an award-winning actor/producer, who has performed in many productions including The Cosby Show, Law & Order SVUGuiding Light, and One Life to Live. He gained notoriety for his award-winning role as Doyle Burkett in the short film Junkie Heaven. Joe stepped into directing with the debut of his short film Choice “Mother,” which touches on the controversial subject of Death with Dignity. Joe is the co-owner of Eclecticism Publishing, where his music has appeared on MTV’s Punk’dPimp My Ride, and Making the Video.



lee headshot.png

Lee Kolinsky 


Lee Kolinsky is an award-winning screenwriter whose career includes developing stories and co-writing screenplays for the independent feature films Send No Flowers and The Blue Lizard. He has also written  screenplays for the award-winning short films Junkie HeavenBullifiedHunter’s Moon, and Stand Up Guy. With a foundation in journalism, Lee has provided content for Doubleday Entertainment, Columbia House DVD, BMG, PR Newswire,, and the Nassau Herald Community Newspapers. Watch Lee’s Writer’s Reel



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